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Globally accessible surgical care

Core Values

  • Accountability

  • Sustainability

  • Community

  • Communication

  • Social Justice 

We envision a future with universally accessible surgical care supercharged by a global community.

Since Nuoy was founded in 2020, we have aspired to expand access to safe, affordable surgical care. Access to medicine and education is a global issue that Nuoy believes can be addressed by nurturing future surgical talent and building a community with alignment of values. We understand the impact that surgery has on patient’s lives because our patients are our community. By working together, we believe that patients will have access to safe, affordable surgical care. As our community’s needs evolve, we continue to evolve to provide support and build capacity.


Our current plans are to first expand locally, then regionally, and finally globally. By committing to the sustainable development of local expertise, Nuoy plans to implement its paradigm by collaborating with long standing partners in other communities.   

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Our People

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