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Globally accessible surgical care

Working towards a future with universally accessible surgical care supercharged by a global community.

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What does Nuoy achieve?

Provide equitable access to safe, affordable surgical care for all in need

Empowers patients throughout their pursuit of healthcare and works to reduce social stigma associated with congenital defects and all trauma related injuries.

Raise community awareness of conditions that can be treated with plastic surgery techniques

Educate medical professionals of the future via conferences, lectures, and hands-on training

By nourishing others, we impact the future

How do we do this?

  • Education-oriented strategy that sustainably builds a like-minded community of surgeons and future educators

  • Educational programs are personalized to the needs of local hospitals and medical professionals

  • Source high-quality surgical equipment for immediate patient needs and develop partnerships to create a long-term source of equipment for future patients

Program is supported by a network of volunteers with an academic background.

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Informed by over 20 years of surgical expertise, our strategy is focused on equity and the empowerment of local communities.

Nuoy’s holistic strategy starts with the development of a global coalition of humanitarian non-profits. By prioritizing transparency and exchanging best practices, we are able to facilitate the delivery of surgical and anesthetic training and care worldwide.

  • Surgery
    Providing immediate access to safe, affordable surgical care to patients who have historically been unable to access surgical care.
  • Training and Mentoring
    Collaborating with local health systems to implement targeted training programs to sustainably expand access to safe, affordable surgery.
  • Research Programs
    Fostering an academic environment to better understand localized barriers to surgical care and promote the innovations developed by surgeons in low- and middle- income countries.

Our Why

Five billion people do not have access to safe, affordable surgical care worldwide. Together, we can provide immediate relief while sustainably developing future access to surgical care. Vietnam is a country of 100 million people and a low-middle income country with inconsistent access to care. It is quickly changing at an accelerating rate while access to healthcare continues to be limited by resources and clinical expertise. Nuoy brings a unique strategy of long-term investment and personal relationships in major academic institutes that are positioned to raise the floor and the ceiling. We also adjust our strategy alongside our partners in order to meet the need even as it changes over time. 

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